Wednesday 17 February 2010


For someone who has only been on Ravelry a few short months and wishes I'd joined sooner (there, I've said it), I had a great compliment paid to me the other day. Well, really, WM had a great compliment paid because he took the photos of the baby blankets. I received this Rav message:
We’d like to feature your photo on the Ravelry page for Tyler by Melissa Leapman.
Humbled and honoured as I was, of course I said yes.


  1. Good for you Lynne! That is very exciting indeed. I have just had a look through your blog and your knitting is gorgeous. Congratulations on your daughter's pregnancy. X

  2. How lovely for you both. The blanket is beautiful.

  3. Congratulations!!! It is well earned. The blanket is gorgeous

  4. I always feel very Chuffed when asked to feature my photos. Especially with the old patterns.

  5. oh it's nice when that happens!

    I'm glad you're enjoying Ravelry. I knew your resistance was futile!

  6. Of course they recognize talent when they see it! Congratulations!


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