Sunday 7 February 2010

Lynne's Lacy Summer October 2009 - January 2010

Now when I say "lace" dear readers, do you think lightweight yarn knitted into frothy light-as-a feather confections?

What is lace knitting but a combination of increases (usually in the form of yarn-overs) and decreases? And so I bring, for your viewing pleasure and my contribution to Bells' Long Lacy Summer KAL, three baby blankets.

First there was Diamond and Smock Cover (Rav link) knitted in Spotlight 8ply cotton and destined to be used by Grandbubby the First. Don’t jump to conclusions about the colour: this was all I had to hand when I got the urge to knit a baby blanket. DD loves blue and she thinks this teal is suitable for girls and boys!

BTW, the cradle was used by SIL and his three siblings (two older) and has been lovingly restored by WM.

As a knitter I love trying new things and that “smocking” around a group of ten stitches was certainly a new technique for me – it’s very easy but very effective. Not so easy was the "purl five stitches together" – cotton is not the easiest yarn to work with when faced with directions like these; especially when the cotton is 8ply (DK).

Then, when my Ebay purchases of Fiddle-De-Dee cotton (10ply/worsted weight) arrived I started this: the Tilting Block Blanket (scroll down if you are looking for the pattern). I modified the pattern so that the tilting blocks covered the whole blanket - no stocking (stockinette) centre panel as in the original pattern.

You may remember that I have knitted this one before, for my niece whose baby was born in March 2009. This new one was to have been for DB and SIL’s daughter (due late March 2010) before I knew they were having a girl. DD was quick to claim it after the news was broken – I have so much Fiddle-De-Dee with pink in it that she thought it only right that I knit something pink for my new niece!

So, as a Christmas present for DB and SIL’s daughter (to replace the “pre-claimed” lemon blanket above and to use up some of the "pink" in my stash), I knitted "Tyler" from Fiddle-De-Dee cotton. This pattern is from Quick Knit Keepsakes Book 2 [front cover].

This was the first of the three blankets that I blocked. DD, now living half a city away from us, used to be my blocking partner. I tried to block this blanket on my own but the job is much more easily done with two people, especially when crawling around on the floor. And WM turned out to be a natural! Once he realised that one can’t just grab an edge of wet knitting and pull but must ease the knitting into its finished shape and size, he was a wiz!

So there you have it, my contributions so far to Long Lacy Summer KAL – it may not be light and frothy but it is lace knitting!


  1. yes of course it is! I've only done one light lace project this summer sadly - too many other things I'm committed to knitting. My other lace was 8ply. I never said there were rules!

    You've done some lovely work Lynne. Beautiful colours and stitches!

  2. Lace is not just restricted to 2ply and gentleness... ;)
    Those blankets are gorgeous and will be heirlooms for all. Love the cradle.

  3. What lovely work, and if there are fights over them then you know they will be appreciated!!

  4. I generally don't think of lace as frothy (not being a frothy person myself). Most of the lace I do is at least 4ply if not thicker - a lot more practical, if nothing else!!

    Your blankets are all lovely, destined to become much loved baby blankies.

  5. All lovely, Lynne. Cradles? Some of my grandchildren slept in my cradle. It's also been used by children of many family friends.

  6. What absolutely beautiful lace blankets! You have made some heirlooms for sure.

  7. What beautiful, lacy heirlooms you have created. I am sure you are much sort after when there are babies due. Love all of them

  8. They're all lovely! And they are perfect with that crib -- what a wonderful set of blankets. Welcome back!

  9. Gorgeous blankets. I love the teal colored one best and yes I have to agree that P5tog would not be the best to do! I am glad you have a new blocking partner now!


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