Friday, 25 September 2009

Winter of Textured Knits KAL
final round up Act 2

Hello from a dust-coated computer from the very bad seven-hour dust storm we had on Wednesday [I'm allergic to dust so it's better if I just let it lie]

Presenting for your viewing pleasure some more beautiful textures.

First up Paisley Womble. The colour here is gorgeous, the texture is a bonus!

A popular garment on the knitternet in another beautiful colour here.

And something for Paisley's mum here.

I've knitted several of these; this one is stunning!

Over in the USA, Deniasha has been travelling, buying, selling and podcasting but still had time for this. While you're checking the texture out, scroll down on the same post for the gorgeous lace Deniasha has done! Beautiful.

And on the left of the screen we can see something that Deniasha has designed which many of us love. The finished product is here.

Tinkingbell has been on holidays but the knitting has not been neglected. Scroll right to the bottom of this post [if you can resist stopping to look at all the beautiful holiday snaps], and you'll find these:

And finally, for today, the lovely Jan who helps me out by putting all her textured knitting in one post and sending me an email with the link! Thanks heaps, Jan, I really appreciated it. Here is the link I was sent in mid-July. First there are these little pretties [full picture here]

This is cute. Some little girl in Afghanistan will love it. And there is a companion on the same page.
There is also another photo but I wasn't able to crop it successfully so please go and check them all out here.

Then in August Jan made my life easy again by sending me this link. Let me tempt you: First a present for an orange-loving grandson. Unfortunately, my cropping has completely missed the orange stripe!

Two more textured knits:

I wish I was confident enough to wear one of these [below] - I love everything about this one, the colour and the texture!

See you soon for the final post!

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  1. Just so neat to see the textures all in one place-thanks for the work, Lynne!


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