Saturday 26 September 2009

Winter of Textured Knits KAL
final round up Act 3
and thank you

And now, the end is near...

First up today: Rose Red. The pattern is called, appropriately, Rose Red. Have I given too much away? Look here for the complete photo and several others of the same beautiful object. Again I wish I had the courage to wear one!

This is unusual; I think it suits Rose Red beautifully.

This is an adaptation of an old favourite that is currently doing the rounds on the Interknits. Oops, have I given it away?

Scroll down to see this most unusual take on an everyday item.

There are so many textures here I didn't know what to show you. Make sure you follow the link and see all Rose Red's photos.

Leaving my home city [Sydney] where Rose Red also lives [but way over on the other side of town] and travelling south, we come to the national capital, home of RR's good friend, Bells. On 2nd July, Bells showed us these:

Read here about Bells day out at The National Gallery and see her wearing this in public for the first time:

These pretties look warm:

This was finished in the Tour de France KAL with time to spare! Well done Bells - the yellow jersey is yours.

Bells said these were a boring knit but her hubby likes them a lot.

And for the special girl in Bells life lookie here:

And so we say farewell to Bells and travel further south to the state of Victoria to visit our final knitter - Susan [otherwise known as Catsmum]. This is appropriate as Susan was the last one to join the KAL but this in no way diminishes her wonderful work. Susan has recently had major surgery so we wish her all the best for a speedy recovery and better health than she has endured in the past.

This is a pattern she has knitted once or twice before.

Some team colours for the grandson:

A pretty item in lace for the DIL:

A similar item in gorgeous alpaca:

Then this gorgeous piece of "lace" that's been a long time coming:

And another baby item:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the KAL and those who followed along by reading what we were up to! It's been great fun even if the round-ups were time consuming. Will we do it again next year? Let's wait and see, shall we? I'll be a grandmum and a new aunty by winter next year!


  1. This was wonderful; glad you organized it for all of us!

  2. wow, who knew I'd done all that textured knitting - it's so nice to see it all together, thanks Lynne!

  3. Thank you Lynne for organising this Claytons KAL. Congratulations everyone on all your knits. I have enjoyed seeing them all. You are all so clever and talented. Makes mine look dull, but hey that's me.

  4. I'm not sure that many of mine really counted as textured - good intentions aside - but thanks for including them ... and for the good health wishes too .


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