Tuesday 22 September 2009

Winter of Textured Knits KAL
final round up Act 1

Dear readers of this blog and members of WoTK in particular

Thanks for your patience. We have upgraded our plan and hopefully will never run out of plan before we run out of month! It didn't help that I also ran out of blogging steam somewhere back in late June!

Thank you for your emails of love and support; I really appreciated them more than I can ever express in mere words!

So, here, for your viewing pleasure, are the final entries of the Winter of Textured Knits KAL.

Up in sunny Queensland, Rell [who also lost her blogging drive for a while] has knitted this. A gorgeous colour and lovely cables. Well done Rell. The finished product is shown on her 9 September post [which I can't link to; sorry Rell].

This is not knitted, it is woven, but I couldn't resist showing you. It's made from plastic shopping bags and the final result is in this post.
Apart from weaving and quilting and renovating, Delighted Hands has had some time to knit and produced these in August. Check here for the full picture.
This was started during the KAL. Here's the finished item - how could I not show it?

Knitter Sue has knitted this. It's a Christmas present - how well organised is that? There were so many interesting textures, it was hard to crop the photo. Go here to see the finished object.

Then there was this. Aren't those buttons cute? To see the lovely Isabel wearing this, go here.

These items seem to have become very popular and Sue has two to show you here, another here and one more here.


  1. Texture, so tactile is what we love , isn't it?!!! You have done a great job cataloging us, Lynne!

  2. Ooh, gorgeous! And it's good to have you back :)


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