Sunday 20 September 2009

another family announcement

My brother [who is 46 next week] and my sister-in-law [who will be 37 next month] were married in 2003. They are expecting their first child in early April 2010. I'm going to be an aunty as well as a grandmother!

My SIL may not appreciate hand-knitted items so I want to knit something that is special but not so good that she puts it in a drawer as "too precious to use". I considered a blanket. The one I have in mind would be simple garter stitch or basketweave in the centre with a fancy wide border knitted in 4ply [baby weight]. Fellow-grandmothers and mothers-of-babies: would this be practical? After all, when a baby is wrapped, most of the blanket disappears! Perhaps a beautiful variegated yarn and no fancy border? Your thoughts please!

PS DD is getting better; she is seventeen weeks into her pregnancy and only has morning sickness in the mornings now! Because she's a knitter herself, she will appreciate and use anything I make for my grandchild!


  1. Congratulations Grandmother/Aunty! Best wishes to the pregnant ones for safe and happy pregnancies.
    As for blankets, the smaller ones work well as pram and car capsule blankets and the pattern can be seen!

  2. Blankets are lovely no matter the size-smaller ones are more mobile for the children, tho, and can become special snugglies! Congrats on the upcoming babies-so exciting!

  3. Oh how fun! What wonderful news :) I agree with your other commenters that blankets are always useful, both to cover sleeping babies in cribs, strollers, and car seats, and to put under babies in parks, and on floors :)

  4. I can't comment on usefulness of blankets, but there is a great pattern by Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed) that is a plain garter stitch centre, knit on the diagonal, with a striped feather and fan edging - it's lovely.


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