Thursday 4 June 2009

Do ponchos like frog ponds?

Do you remember the poncho I began a couple of weeks ago?

Well it's now in it's second incarnation. I had to rip if off the needles [I needed that particular circular needle] and I realised that I was doing the increases too close together - every second row. I decided to rip it back and do the increases [eight stitches] every fourth row.

The new version is looking really good and has hours of work in it; even though the yarn is harsh and plasticky and I really don't like knitting with it. The poncho is now 13 inches from the cast-on neckline to the front 'point'. I've realised that it's too big for a child [although children's heads are big in proportion to the rest of their bodies] so it could easily be an adult's poncho except that I was never going to have enough yarn for an adult poncho. Even if I pull out that disastrous sweater I attempted to knit as a trial for a larger project.

So right now the poncho is in the "I'm not sure what to do with this" corner. I have three choices:
  1. keep going and make it a child's poncho i.e. 16 inches to the 'point' - I may have enough yarn to get that far
  2. try to buy some more of this awful-to-knit-with yarn [Panda Baby Lustre 8ply] and make an adult poncho which I'm sure someone will love - it's a nice design for a poncho, the yarn is a pretty colour and has that fashionable 'bling' with a sparkly thread through it; it just doesn't feel nice when knitting!
  3. rip it all out and use the yarn [must I?] for something else
I'll let you know what I decide!

PS Sorry, C. no photos - I haven't taken any. I'm writing this at 12:30am and I have to get up early for my Big Day Out!


  1. I forgive you for no pics :'P !

    (I am without pics cuz I left my camera cable at my daughter's!!!)

    As for the 'what to do with this project'--I sympathize. Nothing worse than indecision. I vote for finishing it as a childs-that was your original intent.

  2. I vote for finishing the child's version, too -- and then not knitting with this yarn again! ;)

  3. Nooo, don't get more of that yarn - it's vile to the touch, although it looks pretty knitted. Go child size and accidentally include the remaining yarn in the bag to go to the op shop. I donated my small holding of that yarn - someone else will appreciate it.


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