Thursday, 21 May 2009

"in the round" top down sweater

While in-the-round bottom-up sweater lies in the frogpond, it's opposite number is almost completely finished [except for sewing the ends in - isn't that always the way? LOL]. You'll remember that I said last month that one of the good things about being a member of the Guild was access to the library and that I had borrowed this book:

Well, based on this book's basic sweater pattern, I've knitted this:

Don't go looking for anything like it in the book - I did what I often do, designed on the needles. And when I realised I was going to run out of yarn I added some colour work [it's really not that difficult Kate] to tie the third colour in and look like I always intended it to be there [now you know my little secret!! LOL]

The yoke is a combination of slip stitch and stranded colour work. The pattern above the ribbing is stranded colour work.
I quite like this way of knitting but I found working on the sleeves a hassle because the bulk of the sweater was already done - my dpns kept getting caught in the body of the sweater!

And, using the same idea but changing it radically [I guess that makes it my original] I have cast on for a child's poncho knitted top down.


  1. Must get my hands on that book.
    I have just finished my 1st bottom up jumper, but sleeves separately.

    Love the colouring on that jumper and the poncho looks like it is going to be fantastic as well.

  2. Incredible sweater! Great work. The poncho is a neat idea-looking forward to seeing it completed!


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