Wednesday 18 February 2009

Yarn shopping

Last Thursday I found myself looking at the yarn section of the online Lincraft catalogue. Normally, I read the front page and delete but for some reason...

On Friday I visited Lincraft. They had all the yarn shown in their catalogue. Ooo, Cleckheaton Cocoon - it's so soft! It's labelled as Baby Cocoon but it's 4ply, 70% wool/30% nylon - that sounds like sock yarn to me!
And the mauve and deep pink [not red as it shows up here] - yummy! Did I happen to mention it's soooooo soft?

Over to Spotlight - it is, after all, only five minutes walk from Lincraft. All their new yarn is in and there were very few people in the store [mid-afternoon, wet, cold] so I almost had the whole department to myself. More fondling of Cocoon and Bamboo: that's even softer! Cleckheaton has a new range of solid colours. I like these two best!

Really, I just needed yarn to knit a baby blanket for our niece/god-daughter who is expecting in April and having her baby shower on 28th February. For her, I bought 10x50g balls of white Bella Baby Layette [80% bamboo/20% wool] - another very soft yarn but an awful colour range. I have started it so there will be another post about the blankie soon.

Then I found the bargain bin. Well, that's not exactly true; I knew where it was, I'd glanced at it a couple of times. Now I gave it my full attention. WM got a second basket [did I happen to mention he's called "Wonderful Man" for a reason?] and these found their way home with us!

16 balls of Magnum Baby 4ply [100% acrylic]

12 balls of Moda Vera Jacklyn [50%acrylic/50% tencel] - another very soft yarn that may be turned into chemo caps. sorry about the blurry photo - I needed to get close up to get an accurate colour!
15 balls of Bamboo Wave [60%bamboo/40% cotton] which I used to start a scarf for MIL [whose 75th birthday was yesterday] and I loved it; it was drapey and soft but so-not-my-MIL, even WM agreed so it's been frogged and is waiting to be something else [perhaps a lightweight cardi for me?].

All for just 50c a ball people! What a bargain!! And so soft! [are we detecting a theme here? LOL]

As for the Cocoon, it's still there waiting. Perhaps mauve Pomatomus socks? I only wear socks under trousers inside full lace-up shoes [ever practical and comfortable, that's me]! My socks can't be seen so, while I love knitting socks, I feel really bad spending all that time/money then hiding the socks anyway! Plus I already have two purple sock yarns in my stash! I need to think on it some more.

And MIL? She was given a gift voucher for the ABC shop for her birthday [half the fun is choosing something you don't have to pay for!] but I'm leaning towards knitting something 'just because'. Perhaps Aran socks or gloves to go with the Aran jumper I knitted years ago and which she loves. I'll let you know...


  1. Oh yes, the cocoon is very soft. I bought some. Not sure what to do with it yet. Was planning baby stuff at the time....

    Have you got a macro button on your camera? It's usually a little flower picture to indicate the setting. That'll help with the up close shots!

  2. I just told Snr about your wonderful Spotlight find.

    Reply 'I know you miss Lynne, but thank goodness we are not living down there.'

    Thinking that you may enable me?

  3. Sounds like you stocked up with yummy yarn! I have yet to try a tencel blend-that is my next try.

  4. Nice haul! Aren't bargain yarns great!

    On the socks - I don't think it matters whether others see them or not, it's never a waste to make gorgeous handknit socks for yourself! You know how great they are and that's all that really matters!

  5. Ooh, gorgeous yarns! It sounds like you've got a lot of good stuff there :)

  6. HI Lynne, Im so disappointed that I miss the guild yesterday.I wasn't sure if was the second Saturday or the third Saturday of the month.


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