Tuesday 10 February 2009

Does my foot look big in this?

I don't think it's exactly flattering but it sure is comfy!

I'm glad I used the Waving Lace pattern. The colours on the leg, which I really like, look look this:

After doing the heel, the colours began to pool rather differently so that the instep looks like this:

and the sole looks like this!

I knew there was a reason not to do stocking stitch with this yarn! LOL


  1. I love it! I haven't tried that pattern yet, but you're right - it's just perfect for that yarn :)

  2. Love the pattern. It always amazes me how variegated yarns will behave with no rhyme or reason! Now where did you find the Waving Lace pattern? I very much like it!

  3. It looks great Lynne (and no, your foot doesn't look big at all!)

  4. fab. The pattern is a great one. Very comfy to wear I found. And the yarn is a lovely match.

    It's very hard to take flattering photos of one's feet but they look wonderful.

  5. congatulations....you have a winner! I have average feet (9" long) but every photo I have posted of my feet gives me shudders! I just ignore the deception of the screen. :')

  6. Wow - that's really interesting how the colors change over the length of the sock. You have very nice sized feet.

  7. Oh that is absolutely gorgeous, I adore the colour.


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