Saturday, 25 October 2008

Lace weight erratum
and a very sincere apology

I have a huge public apology to make to Sally. In my post of three days ago, I said that up until last weekend I had owned no lace weight. That was untrue but a genuine oversight.

I've been reading Sally's blog from her first post and earlier this year, I won one of two blogiversary prizes [the other went overseas] - part of which was a ball of lace weight silk. I didn't ever published the photo of my prize [very remiss of me] because at the time I won it we were having a lot of wet weather and I couldn’t get WM to take a photo. Then I got my own camera and took photos - but still didn't blog about it. Oh, Sally, I'm so very sorry.

So here, dear readers [I hope Sally's still one of them] is my fabulous prize from Sally. Firstly, the cute little case in which the goodies came [of which I'm sure I took a photo but can't seem to find one]. Inside, there was a lovely card with knitting and a cup of tea [my favourite beverage most of the time]. Then something that made me smile - a pompom maker; what else from someone who calls her blog 'PomPom'? There was a delicious Terry’s chocolate orange [not knitting but what every knitter needs - sweet treats] and finally, a ball of hand-dyed 2ply silk from Mollydale Knits [of Armidale NSW]. The smaller photo is a truer colour on my monitor.

So dear Sally, I'm really sorry - how could I have overlooked this largess. The bag really does sit on the right end of my desk [I'm left handed] - open so I can see the contents. Occasionally I even handle the yarn and think about what it might become. I did offer it to DD for her wedding stole but she wants something in ivory. A thousand apologies, my friend, please forgive my oversight.


  1. What a wonderful prize! The laceweight is gorgeous, and the chocolate orange looks yummy (and makes me think of Christmas -- they always appear in stockings at our house...).

  2. Oh, Lynne! I didn't intend for you to feel guilty for the oversight. When you've finished all your lace knitting for THE wedding, maybe you'll find something for YOURSELF for the silk (with Pompoms on, of course!)

  3. So glad your memory was jogged and we all got to see this beautiful gift! Yes, make yourself a silk purse of this beautiful lace yarn to wear to the wedding!!!

  4. Oh what a most fabulous colour. From my thoughts, a very deep, but bright, pinky/purple.

    That would make a beautiful shawl just for you. :)

    One very lucky and deserving winner

  5. oh, you got one of jejune's gorgeous cards!
    You lucky thing =)
    I want to frame some for the wall in my knitting room!


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