Monday 12 January 2009

Oops! [a progress? report]

I was hoping to finish the centre panel - after all, I had only six repeats to go. But it wasn't to be!

First, I spent too much fun time writing my post about 'old' things. Then we got talking about seating arrangements for The Wedding; always a fun topic, right?

Finally I got around to knitting two repeats. I should backtrack and say that I had stopped using stitch markers at Round 18 which means I have to count every stitch and/or watch my knitting closely. I also hadn't put a lifeline in the last six rounds [72 rows]. Getting too cocky, that's for sure! On Row 10 of the second repeat I realised I'd made a mistake and started to tink back just a few stitches. Then 'it' happened. I looked down and saw a big hole in my knitting! Fortunately it was only two rounds below but it was still there and getting larger as I watched! Quickly I had my capable assistant [aka DD] pass me a safety pin and grabbed the offending six stitches. They had been one but had decided to go their separate ways in their bid for freedom! I had obviously dropped one when tinking back in an earlier row. Well, three hours later [including time for dinner] I had tinked back to that hole and an hour and half later I was back to where I was when I saw It!

So total for the day: knit two rounds, tink two rounds, knit two rounds! Total = 36 rounds [of 40]!


  1. Two steps forward... bad luck!

  2. How unfortuneate.

    Good luck with the rest

  3. Oy. Some days you get the lace, and some days the lace gets you! I think I prefer the former kind of day to the latter, myself. Hang in there!

  4. Knitting, like life , has its ups and downs.....ride out the down and celebrate the ups!

  5. Hah! Hubris

    My knitting slaps me like that every time I think I'm clever!


  6. Oh that happened to me last week - I ended up having to tink back three rows! Good save.


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