Sunday, 11 January 2009

Something old

First, an old topic - the Myrtle Leaf shawl:
I'm running for the finish line on the centre panel with 34 repeats [of 40] completed!


And now for the Wedding Rhyme Game. I started this game so I'd better set some rules!
  1. The object must be yarn related.

  2. "old" is relative but I'm thinking anything older than DD who will be 23 in April. After all, life before DD seems like a long time ago, back in the "olden days"! In fact, the day after my 21st birthday one of my students said: "Mrs Too Hot To Knit, back in the olden days when you were a little girl..."; so obviously 21 is old!

  3. "new" can be new to the owner, even if it's not brand-new!

  4. "borrowed" is something that doesn't actually belong to me although it is now in my possession

  5. "blue" - something that is mostly blue or nearly blue; heck, this is a game - if I say it's blue, it's blue! LOL

So, here we go:

Oldest pattern
This is the oldest pattern I own, in the sense that it is the beginning of my pattern collection. It's the first full garment I ever knitted [mum did the v-neck and sleeve openings and sewed it together but who's counting?] Mine was aqua blue with white stripes and I was very proud of it. I still had it when I started teaching several years later - I wonder what became of it? I probably became tired of it and gave it to charity.

But the vest pattern isn't the oldest pattern in my possession, I borrowed this one from my MIL when I was pregnant with DD and it was bought for one of her children [WM is the eldest] so it is at least 43 years old.

Oldest book
I remember borrowing Kaffe Fassett's "Glorious Colour" from the local library many years ago and being stunned by what I saw. Here was someone who bent the rules [he even knots his yarns!!] - a far cry from my experience of one colour jumpers [except the striped 'Dolly' jumper I had as a teenager in the early seventies]. I had to own this book! I was inspired and even designed and knitted my own gloriously coloured jumper [I'll save that for another post]. In terms of publishing, this is the oldest hardcover book in my collection but it is not the book I've owned the longest.
That honour goes to this book. I bought this about 28 years ago when SIL#1 was pregnant with the first grandchild in the family. I knitted a lemon cardigan but it may have been too girly - it had lace panels as I recall! I certainly never saw nephew #1 in that cardigan. I still use this book occasionally - I knitted a cardigan from it in 2007-2008. This view shows the back cover - I scanned the wrong page!

Have to go - it's nearly 1:30pm and I haven't even finished one repeat! More 'old' tomorrow!


  1. oh if I could upload photos in a comment.

    I have a very old Patons bootee book.

    It was my grandmothers so hence probably about 50yrs.

  2. got that last baby knitting book but it doesn't even come close to being my oldest one which is probably a Patons & Baldwins one from the late 1920s


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