Sunday 1 February 2009

It went well

Here I am exactly 24 hours since my last post. I was up for 20 hours yesterday and have had less than four hours sleep but when the brain kicks in it doesn't matter how tired the body is or how fuzzy the head is [I don't drink - I'm just very tired]!

Firstly, thanks to all the people who left comments on yesterday's post. I wept as I read them. The whole day went well - no arguments at home [you should have been in my family home on my wedding day]. Beautiful hair and make-up [I had my make-up done too]. Relaxed professional photographer who directed us and helped us make sense of everything. Car on time. Neighbours who mean a lot to us dropping by to see The Bride. Arrived at the church four minutes early [after four stops along the way to make the trip longer] in 37*C [99*F] heat. Strong breeze blowing but photographer just got on with the job. Into a stifling church where the groom was on the verge of collapsing from heat and nerves. Beautiful service. MotB managed to hold it together most of the time. Lots of congratulations and photos then off to the reception venue [for all but the bridal party - they had more photos around the church and grounds].

Air conditioning on but 70+ bodies made it still very warm [better than outside though]. MotB doing her best to mingle and speak to each guest. FotB speaking to MC/DJ. Guests enjoying cold drinks, soft lounges and canapes. Bridal party having photos and one bridesmaid getting sunburnt. Bridal party is ready [6pm] and The Reception begins! Great food in large servings: prawn salad/quiche, rack of lamb/chicken cordon bleu [both with vegetables], chocolate Bavarian/fruit salad. Choice of wine [red, white or non-alcoholic], beer, soft drink or water. Speeches - five: all very different. A candle lighting ceremony [which should have been done at the church but the groom left the candles in the car!]. Cutting of the cake. The most beautiful bridal waltz [you'd never know they only learnt to dance 10 days ago] at which MotB nd FotB completely lost it. Dancing and general partying. Too hot for Myrtle although she was seen swanning around the room for about five minutes provoking oohs and ahs from some. Goodbyes - Bride clinging to MotB, both bawling. More goodbyes [an archway], more bawling from same! Presents loaded into boots of three cars! Drive home. House stifling, no breeze, air hot and thick. Presents unloaded from boots of three cars. Goodbye to occupants of two cars. Goodbye to two bridesmaids and one groomsman. Silence. Just us! Empty-nesters! Darby and Joan*! Tears. FotB went to bed. MotB wanders around house, tears in eyes. Bed 1.00am - too hot to sleep.

Wake up 5am - still hot and not a hint of a breeze - today is supposed to be even hotter than yesterday. Current temperature 23*C [73*F] - it's only 6am [5am by sun-time; it's daylight-saving here]. WM still sleeping; Myrtle sleeping on bed which used to be DD's [more tears] amid a pile of presents.

And today? WM and I taking my parents to Strathfield to catch train home to Bingara. DD and SIL fly to Tasmania at 11.15; going to airport by Airport Express. FotB and MotB at home, alone. Sleep? Tennis tonight, some knitting, still sad!

No photos - WM took his camera but didn't really have the chance to use it. Will be relying on friends to send us copies until professional photos are ready!

*According to my mother, it's a term used for empty-nesters. According to Wikipedia,
the term 'Darby and Joan' is defined by the Random House Dictionary as "a happily married couple who lead a placid, uneventful life."


  1. As with all grief, you must give yourself time. The two weeks after such a big event leave a 'let down' kind of feeling. Soon you will settle into the new role and you will flourish! Trust me! Looking forward to some pics!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day - although maybe you might need a nap this afternoon before the tennis - especially if it is another 5 set marathon!

    Tasmania is a wonderful place for a honeymoon (we went there too!).

    You will surely have lots of photos to look at, we had heaps from friends.

    Oh, and how did your dress and shoes go?

  3. Tears here as well.

    I have never thought that WM and yourself have lead a placid, uneventful life. Quite the opposite.

    One thing for sure DD and SIL will not be sweltering...

    Enjoy the tennis, I feel it will be a five setter, so a nanna nap is in for me this afternoon.

  4. sSounds like it was a wonderful day, glad it went well despite the heat

  5. wow, it's over! Such a lot of build up - the one day goes fast, doesn't it? So much to look back on. I'm glad Mytle got a bit of an outing - even though she didn't feature, I'm sure your daughter will always treasure something you made so lovingly and devotedly - who wouldn't?

  6. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day. It sounds fantastic. I think you deserve to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, but D & J? I think not.

  7. Sniff!

    So glad it went well, I can't wait for pics!

  8. Glad it was a great day - wishing you well as you adapt to this new phase - and looking forward to seeing pics :o)

  9. It sounds like quite a day! Take good care of yourself over the next little while. Cry when you need to cry, but don't forget to laugh too!

  10. rats! I came over expecting all sorts of pics of Susan in her finery and a beaming MOtB.
    I...WANT...PHOTOS !!!!!!


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