Wednesday 8 October 2008

Sock continues...

Last night I decided to turn the heel on the second sock. I'm using a version of short row shaping and was almost back to my original number of stitches when I noticed a gaping hole. Well, maybe not gaping but a hole nonetheless - big enough for me to stick my pinky through; maybe even big enough to stick my index finger through.

So, what's a girl to do in this situation? My first thought was 'ignore it; darn it later'. No, I couldn't do that; I was brought up with the philosophy: "if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well". Just because something's going to charity doesn't mean it's okay for it to be second rate [hope you're reading this, Pam; I know you'd be pleased].

So, yes, I ripped it out, but short row shaping won't rip back to the middle point will it? No! It has to be ripped right back to the beginning!! Two hours of work in the frogpond. :-(

The heel's finished now and I've done ten rounds of the foot. Only another million rounds to go! Well, maybe 80 rows before the toe shaping! I'm gonna finish that sock asap - there are other more interesting patterns waiting in my queue! [see sidebar]

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  1. Avisit to the frog pond happens to us all-you will be glad you did rip out when you are finished! Where is a pic?!


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