Thursday 9 October 2008

Goal #1 reached! Topsy Turvy Socks

The second sock of the Moda Vera in the grey colourway is finished. They are fraternal [not identical] twins. I call them topsy-turvy socks. Why? The self-patterning of the yarn is upside down in the second sock.

You see, I made a simple error. The first sock was knitted cuff down. When I frogged it, I did so using my ball winder. Therefore the centre of the ball was the toe end. I cast on from the centre of the yarn cake [as one does] never giving a thought to the fact that I was now knitting with the pattern "upside down". When I cast on for the second sock, I began with the leftover yarn from the frogged first sock. When that ran out, I blithely carried on using the yarn as it pulled from the centre of the original skein. I was aware of what I was doing, but the socks were never going to be identical so I decided to keep going. Perhaps I've created the first ever pair of topsy-turvy socks! Unlikely I know, but it amuses me!

This sock took eight days to knit [not monogamously]. Given that I hurt my neck on Friday and didn't knit at all, it really took a week which is the length of time I thought a sock would take. I've achieved my first goal! That's 100% better than last summer's Southern Summer of Socks!


  1. They look fantastic, and who would know that they are topsy turvy.

    They will be worn under slacks.

  2. love the colouring of this grey moda vera yarn - yours look great :)

  3. I quite like the idea of dealing with self patterning yarn this way. I can never quite (be bothered to!) get the pattern repeats right anyway.

    Glad you had a good trip to your parents.

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  5. Ahhh, the satisfaction of completion! They look great! Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes coloring quirk-every action has an equal and opposite reaction! Who knew knitting was such a science! :'D

  6. Never mind about the topsy turvy- ness...they look great!

  7. Congratulations! They look great :)


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