Friday 10 October 2008

postscript to "Topsy Turvy Socks"
or sock bargains!

My first pair of socks from the Moda Vera grey colourway - the topsy turvy socks - weighed in at 60g. I still have several skeins of this yarn.

I picked up some of this yarn in a clearance sale for $2.99 per 100g skein. I still have 40g of the first skein left. That's ten pairs of socks from six skeins!! Or, given that I paid $4.99* for the first two skeins and $2.99 for four more [a total of just under $22], that's ten pairs of hand knitted, wool/nylon socks to warm the feet of those less fortunate for just $2.20 each! More feet kept warm is always a good thing! Just pray I don't get bored with knitting all that stocking stitch. [There'll be more complicated patterns in other yarns along the way to break up the monotony].

*Sock yarn generally sells for $12+ per 100g skein


  1. I love a good mindless knitting sock pattern-and in such lovely yarn you won't get bored!

  2. Great bargain! I always like a plain sock to knit in amongst others, very soothing.

  3. Love the socks - and plain vanilla socks are just the thing for travelling and waiting rooms and such!

  4. OOOHHHH cheap socks. well done and i love the colourways.

    No update on Nundle.

  5. that is such a bargain. I think I could do with some bargain socks. I've been buying the top end stuff and while it's lovely and good fun to knit, it's not really a sustainable cost!


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