Saturday 11 October 2008


Although I've been home less than a week and being away seems a lifetime ago, you may recall, WM, DD and I took a trip to my parents' place via Nundle last week. Today's post is a little taster of the things that caught our attention; later there will be a post on the woollen mill.

Nundle is a pretty little village and we spent several hours last Wednesday exploring the places that were open but, if your planning a trip there, be warned. Hardly anything is open in Nundle on Monday and Tuesday and only about half the 'tourist spots' are open on Wednesday and Thursday. Everything is open Friday to Sunday.

There are not as many photos as I expected; I think WM was too busy looking to take a lot of photos [unusual for him]. So without any further ado - some of the sights of Nundle.

Firstly, we have the Exchange Store - an interesting looking building from outside and full of new old-fashioned home wares inside. They also sell a wide range of leaf teas [unfortunately, due to hay-fever, I couldn't smell a thing] and other gourmet goodies - jams, chutneys, honey, etc.

Then the eastern wall [behind the altar] of a gorgeous little weatherboard Anglican church. I just love these stained glass windows.

And, finally, two views from the lookout east of the town.

Nundle also has a lovely old country pub [The Peel Inn] but we didn't get photos.


  1. Lovely countryside. I really like that whole area.

    A woman after my own heart, LOL, to speak of the eastern end of the church! Not too many even know the tradition of churches facing east these days. The windows are beautiful - simple and set in weatherboard. Did you find any history of the church? The style of clothing, while not first century, seems to me to be first half of last century. Multicultural children too. Certainly does not seem to me to be typical of a small country town of the era when it was built. I'm not being patronising here. I just find it strange and would love to know more.

  2. OK. I had a bit of a poke around and seemed to track down 1869 as date mnfacwof building.

  3. Gorgeous pictures!

  4. Hi Jan
    Couldn't reply to you personally so hope you read this. Thanks for sharing the info re the date of the church. There are so many cute little weatherboard churches in northern NSW - I guess because timber is plentiful; most towns seem to have had a mill at some stage. I love looking at stain glass windows - the more you look, the more you see.

    This church was also so peaceful; not that it was busy outside - we walked down the middle of the street!!

  5. Beautiful! I love the mountain views......we do miss living close to mountains but wouldn't move back north for anything! Thanks for the glimpse of your beautiful countryside.

  6. Thanks for the virtual trip! I went there ages ago with David, and I regretted that we didn't have enough time to linger and see the sights. We went up and back in a single day!

  7. Gosh that's beautiful country up there isn't it? Lovely photos. I regret the day we drove past the turn off to Nundle and hubby said, 'do you want to go?' and I said.

    What was I thinking?


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