Saturday 8 March 2008

review: Moda Vera Envy

composition: 50% new wool, 50% acrylic
weight: 50g
metreage: approx. 90m
needle size: 6mm
gauge: 16 stitches x 20 rows

I bought mine at Spotlight for $1 per ball in their clearance sale.

This thick yarn splits fairly easily, especially when using the sharp points of Knitpicks needles. It sticks to the needles [i.e. doesn't slide easily], even on the smooth-as-glass nickel plating of previously mentioned needles. [BTW: can you tell I'm captivated by my KP needles?] I don't spin but it seems to me that the yarn is very underspun - I imagine it's a bit like knitting with roving.

On the plus side, the yarn knits up very quickly and the resulting beanie was soft and warm. Great for homeless people which is the destination of this and subsequent beanies from this yarn [I bought eight balls] although I wonder what it will look like after washing! [The label recommends hand-washing.]

For me, on a knitting-time diet [see previous post], a quick knit is a good knit! And an adult's beanie for less than a dollar - bargain!!

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