Saturday, 8 March 2008

Sock yarn at bargain prices!

Don't know if I should share this or keep the secret to myself: Spotlight has stock of Moda Vera sock yarn [75% wool, 25% nylon] at only $4.99 per 100g ball [regular price].

Yes, you read that right - a pair of handknitted socks for under $5!

The yarn seems okay; in my opinion, it's softer than Lincraft's [which is $12.99 per 100g]. It looks comparable to Heirloom but it's hard to tell while it's in the ball!!

I bought one ball this morning and will let you know how I go; I'm back on a knitting time diet and tiny needles don't help either so don't hold your breath!!


  1. Thanks for the tip. Not that I need to buy more sock yarn! LoL

  2. I didn't believe the price when I had them check the price for me. There hadn't been one displayed on the shelf.

    I must actually buy some though.

  3. I have one sock knitted out of this and am curious to see how it turns out. It looks good and it would be wonderful if it is value for money. I have knitted the Lincraft wool and it seems very soft and is wearing well. However I bought some of the Sullivans yarn last year and it pills and quickly too.

  4. Goodness that's cheap isn't it! I must check it out. Time for a sunday drive, I think.

  5. You are a good person to share the sale news ;)

  6. I've read somewhere else that Spotlight has 20% off everything tomorrow (Monday 10th) including already reduced items, so that makes it even cheaper!

  7. Lynne
    in answer to your question on my blog - it was Holiday acrylic 8 ply - I think :]
    certainly something from BigW

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment.

  9. Oh I have haunted our Spotlight and they keep saying sock wool is coming but it still hasn't arrived. Hmmmmph.


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