Friday 7 March 2008

Different shoulder, same diagnosis

About a month ago, I began to have restricted movement in my right shoulder. A week or so later, I had very little movement in my right shoulder. I spoke to my physiotherapist [who I was still seeing in relation to my frozen left shoulder] and he referred me back to the specialist.

Last Thursday I had x-rays and an ultrasound. This Monday I saw the specialist - you guessed it: frozen right shoulder!

Yesterday I saw the physiotherapist then had a deep tissue massage. Today I can barely move my arms: there probably won't be much knitting done here in the next twenty-four hours!

The good news is: the three medical personnel involved don't think knitting is the cause but knitting for long periods doesn't help! I'm back on a restricted knitting time diet! *sigh*


  1. Oh no. Limited knitting time again :(

    At least it is not the cause of the problem.

    Hope you feel unfrozen soon :-)

  2. Oh yucky. :( Hope they can help both shoulders soon and knitting can commence.

  3. I have been battling bursitis in both shoulders and arms for too long. Then a pinched nerve in Dec/Jan took it's toll. Hope you are back on track soon!

  4. Sorry to hear the bad news - hope the knitting diet regime moves quickly by

  5. Me thinks that you need to learn to knit like a public-transport user - elbows tucked in tight to the sides so that all movement occurs from the wrists down - no shoulder involvement at all !!

  6. Oh, no! I hope things get better very quickly; it sounds like no fun at all to be in that situation. Hang in there -- I hope you're feeling better very soon.

  7. Oh Lynne, I really feel for you. All things in moderation right. I do hope you get to a point in time where you'll be right as rain again.

  8. And the real question is, what is God teaching you with this ripple in your knitting life....perhaps trying your hand at another fiber art? And with whom will this bring you in contact? It sure is an exciting way to think about it.


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