Thursday 14 June 2007

And on the sock front...

I have finished knitting the first pair of socks for WM in Heirloom Jigsaw. I haven't grafted the toes - I tried to do it last weekend when we were visiting friends on the north coast of NSW, but I couldn't talk and read the instructions and sew all at the same time! LOL

I had intended to use the first pair as a benchmark for the second pair but WM has decided he wants a different ribbing on the next pair so I need to rethink the number of stitches needed. This also couldn't be done while talking with the same friends - we hadn't seen them in eight years so we had a lot of catching up to do - the socks just had to wait! Meanwhile, two more jumpers for children living in poverty have been completed (easy knits while talking!!) Just as well DD took extra supplies of yarn with her!

Tomorrow I have a "day off" so I'll try to use WM's SLR camera to take photos of the dozen or so items I've completed since the last lot of photos were taken and I plan to graft those toes and cast on for the next pair of socks! I might even have time to prepare some lessons for next week's classes! In the meantime, here is the morning view from the friends' barbecue area!


  1. look at all that lovely mist - and the dam's got water in it! Well done on the socks - that's 2 more pairs than I've ever knit.

  2. wow what stunning scenery! I just love that sort of view.

    What do you need to do differently for the ribbing? What didn't he like about the ribbing you did the first time?


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