Monday 18 June 2007

Injured and not allowed to knit!

On Monday I had my monthly remedial massage. My massage therapist worked at length on my locked up left shoulder and upper arm and then pronounced - "you have probably torn your pectoral or bicep muscle - you need to rest it for at least a week. That means: no knitting!" UGH!!!

EDITED 21 June, 5:51pm
My shoulder is feeling a lot better since my massage on Monday and I have a lot more movement. The combination of deep massage therapy, cold packs and rest has obviously helped but I can't wait till next Monday to pick up my knitting again!

Four more sleeps!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that - you'll just have to read about it instead. Get well soon.

  2. That is too cruel. Are you sure you couldn't use knitting as some kind of physiotherapy?

  3. Outrageous! She has no idea what she is asking of you!

  4. oh that's rotten - but I'm glad you're feeling better, or starting to at least. That would be torture!


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