Wednesday 18 April 2007

novelty yarn scarf

Edited on 31 May 2011: If you are looking at this page today or sometime after this date, could you please leave a comment and tell me why? I am curious as to the reason why people visit this page so often. Please, please, please tell me why you're here!

I bought this yarn in an end-of-season sale at the local supermarket for the bargain price of 50c. Because I knit for charity, I'm always on the lookout for bargain yarns. Or I was, until I signed up for Stashalong.

Saleutions, the supplier of this yarn, describes it as:
Composition:100% Polyester
Tension (10cm x10cm): 22sts, 26rows, Needle Size:4.5mm
Number of colours available:10

It is similar in construction to Feathers (Patons) or Lashes (Panda), from the Australian Country Spinners range, but the 'lashes' are much longer. It is soft to the touch and knits up softly, but, like Feathers and Lashes, it is difficult to work with in the sense that dropped stitches are almost impossible to find.

Because I had only one ball, I mixed it with Panda Carnival acrylic, knitting six rows Carnival, two rows Knitwise in a garter stitch pattern over 19 stitches. The resulting scarf is a little over 2 metres long but quite narrow (about 15cm). Due to the larger-than-usual needle size for 8ply acrylic and my loose tension, the acrylic knitted up more softly than it otherwise would.

All in all, I am happy with the finished scarf and am sure the recipient will be too!


  1. 50c a ball is absolutely a bargain. Can't sneer at that, can you?

    Thanks for pointing me to your blog and for your comment on mine! always happy to find new local blogs!

  2. Well Lynne, I don't recall ever seeing this page before so am no help to you in that. But as Bells said some years ago it's a bargain. Perhaps people come for that?

  3. Does your site stats provider allow you to see the referring page? Or if it's the same IP addresses visiting each day?
    Perhaps they have a thing for feathers scarves.

  4. Hi Lynne. I haven't visited this page before either, but maybe the search engines pick it up because the title is so specific, so people searching to buy that type of yarn get sent here?

  5. Just did a test: Googled "Knitwise pricewise" and your blog post is the first hit on the list.


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