Friday 23 March 2007

The cardigan that never was Part II

Today I had another look at that cardigan. At first, I couldn't find the hole that I knew was in one sleeve. Finally I found a hole - near the armhole shaping, not near the cuff as I remembered. Perhaps I had been holding the sleeve upside down.

"Great," I thought to myself, "I can pull out those few rows, and reknit them. Then I'll give the cardigan to mum, she loves the colour and she'll really appreciate it."

The frogging was easy, picking up the stitches wasn't too difficult, but then, to my horror (and a lesson learnt, I hope), I couldn't find any notes in my journal about what size I was knitting, which needles I had used, etc! The size wasn't too difficult - I counted the stitches in the cuff ribbing and looked at the pattern book. Hmm, two sizes with the same ribbing. I counted the stitches in the ribbing on the back - ah, that's the size!

Because it's a dark colour it was difficult to tell where I was up to in the textured pattern but I finally worked it out - now all that remained was to do a swatch to find the needle size, and to work out how many rows still to go before commencing armhole shaping. I checked it once more with the other sleeve, and, to my horror, there was the original hole - big enough to pass a pingpong ball through - near the cuff of the second sleeve, in the part where the stocking stitch curled under.

I ground to a halt! Should I knit both sleeves again? Or, since I'm not entirely happy with the textured pattern, should I pull out the whole cardigan and start again? Or maybe use the wool to make something else? Pulling out the whole cardigan will at least show me where wool has been damaged by those pesky little insects - even if there is no apparent hole (yet)!

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of the The Cardigan that Never Was!

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