Thursday 1 March 2007

The cardigan that never was!

As part of February is for Finishing, I opted to finish a cardigan which I began in 2003. The knitting was all done - all that was left was the finishing. At the time I started it, I worked full time in corporate administration. I left home at 7.30am and returned ten to twelve hours later. I needed layers of warm clothes for the trip to work by public transport. A coat over a cardigan over a long sleeved blouse (with a collar) was a good option. I replaced my cardigan with a blazer in the office.

However, winter 2003 was probably the last time that I wore hand-knitted wool cardigans or jumpers regularly for two reasons.
1. I resigned from that job in the summer of 2004 (February).
2. I can't stand the feel of wool against my skin, no matter how soft it is in the skein.

Since winter 2004, I have worn shop-bought synthetic zip-up jackets over long sleeved tee shirts for layers of warmth. This is more practical in my current job as an English teacher to adult migrants/refugees because a zip is easier to deal with than the buttons on a cardigan or pulling a jumper (sweater) over my head. Besides, all my classrooms are heated and I travel in my own car (also heated)!

On Tuesday (27 February), two days before the end of National Knit and Sew-up Month, I pulled the cardigan out of storage. Western Sydney has experienced severe thunderstorms every afternoon for a week; the cardigan is navy blue and I needed good light to see what I was doing so I had been procrastinating. As the end of February loomed close, I determined I was going to finish that cardigan whatever the weather. I carefully pulled out each piece, the back, the right front, the left front, one sleeve - all looking good. I pulled out the second sleeve and there it was - a hole so large I could pass a ping pong ball through it! :-( Some nasty, wool loving insects had found a tasty treat despite all my precautions.

I guess I could frog the sleeve and knit it again but, as I've already said, I don't wear knitted woollen clothes anymore, so what would be the point? I will use the wool (5ply) to knit something else - stay tuned for Part II of The Cardigan That Never Was!!!

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