Sunday 14 January 2007

First WIP completed!

I finished Wrap #4 last night - I just had to sew some loose ends in today. Yay!!

This wrap was started on Christmas Eve 2004; the 28 squares knitted up quickly enough but I don't like sewing so I took ages to getting around to putting them together. Because I used yellow as my "kick" colour (a Kaffe Fassett term), I joined the squares using yellow but my stitches were uneven and the yellow stood out like a sore thumb! Of course it took ages to rip the stitches out! Then, naturally, I didn't touch it again for months.

As of 1st January, 16 squares were joined and 12 were waiting for attachment. Yesterday I needed a break from knitting (you know, too much knitting and certain muscles start to ache!)so I decided to work on this project. I was getting a bit tired of it (my stitching has improved but I'm still slow) when I realised that the end was in sight and I was determined to cross that finish line. When it was done, some of the edges looked a little scruffy so I decided to crochet a border. As the wrap is 74in x 41in it took quite a while, but two minutes before midnight I was done!

So here it is, the completed wrap (and my first photograph - thanks WM)

And a close up:
The photography session took nearly as long as some of my projects, but WM did take over 130 photos!


  1. wow, it´s beautiful! next time you should consider learning how to knit the squares together.
    best wishes from Iceland

  2. Congrats on the FO! It looks great.

  3. the wrap looks lovely, so worth the time to finish!!


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