Tuesday 9 January 2007

Welcome to my blog

Hi, welcome to this blog coming to you from Australia.

My mother taught me to knit when I was young. The first garment I tried to knit was a cardigan in red fashion/novelty yarn. I didn't know that I should move the yarn from the front to the back alternatively to do the rib, so I ended up with many more stitches per row than I should have! I gave up knitting for several years; then, inspired by a classmate who knitted, I completed my first garment - a vest in 5ply aqua coloured wool. I still have the pattern but the vest is long gone!

I used to knit at least one new garment for myself every year. In 2002 I started a jumper (sweater) with 65 colours - my own design inspired by Kaffe Fassett. I finally completed it in 2005. However, with air-conditioners becoming increasingly common in workplaces and on public transport, I rarely wear jumpers/sweaters, I just get too hot. Pulling the garment over my head while trying to teach is not a good look, not to mention what it does to the hairstyle! LOL

Lately much of my knitting has been for charity, mostly for "Wrap with Love". I am a member of the Blue Mountains Knitting Group and the weblog Stashalong. I have set myself the task of completing all my UFOs (see sidebar and footnotes) before beginning any new projects; I generally spend a lot of my knitting time thinking about forthcoming projects. Sometimes I'm not sure which is the most exciting: the planning, the working or the finishing!

Summer or winter, why don't you join me? Pick up sticks (or needles or pins) and let's knit. Too hot? Never! :-)

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