Wednesday 20 January 2016

EQ7 beginners' class

Not a lot of sewing has been going in in my sewing room in the past week. WM and I were away last weekend with four other couples from church. We spent Saturday having some "couple time" and ate our evening meals (Friday and Saturday) with the other couples. It was wonderful to have time together, knowing there would be no demands made on us all day!

Otherwise, most of the time spent in my sewing room has been in either practising keyboard (I'm being groomed to accompany the worship at prayer meetings) or cutting up yet more piles of scraps. There are no photos, I think you've seen enough photos of cut scraps for a while!

Today I attended a five hour beginner's class in the use of EQ7 (Electric Quilt). I had a wonderful time, learning the basics of how the program works and a little of what can be done with it.

At the end of the day, the teacher challenged us to each work from a different photo of a tiled floor and create a quilt.

I don't have the original photo to show you but here are my creations as they were modified.

The original photo was "on point" and was quite complicated. My original attempt makes for something interesting but not at all like the original.The colours are a bit too wishy-washy for my taste.

The second image is much more accurate as to the pattern of the tiles with my modification of the colours. This quilt, in EQ7 as it stands, would be 110" square -- way too big for any quilt I intend to make in the near future! The octagons should be more prominent than they are in this layout!

This third quilt is getting closer to something I like, but still using variations of the original colours. This would be a mini quilt; it's only 30" square!

Finally, at home after dinner,  I came up with something I like and could use. I've changed the quilt to a size within the limits of our charity quilts (54" x 66") and changed the colours to something I think is much more appealing.

As I said, I loved the class and look forward to our "advanced" class in a few months time.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Fun! I like the last arrangement for a quilt! The retreat sounds lovely!

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty keen on it myself!

      It was lovely to spend one day away from home, learning something new about something I love!

  2. How awesome is that!!! I whole new world of fun for quilting:) You're going to LOVE your EQ!!

    1. I do love it! I could see a lot of time wasted but there is no need to design quilts I never have any intention of making!

  3. Wow! I love that last layout!

  4. How exciting to own EQ7, Lynne. It's on my wish list, but a long way off. I think every one of your designs would be wonderful, given the right fabrics. Well done! I've been trying to use January to complete some tasks I won't have time for once the year's activities start in earnest next week. Organising my sewing room was top of this list, as was making a quilt I've been waiting to attempt for 6 months. I've almost finished both :-)

  5. EQ is such a great design tool. You came up with some fun designs.


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