Monday 29 December 2014

very slow stitching Sunday followed by glad-to-be-home Monday

Yesterday (Sunday in Australia) we travelled from Woolgoolga, where DD and the family lives, to our home. We left there at 10:15am and arrived home at 10pm!

The first leg of the journey was a short car trip to Coffs Harbour in pouring rain. We had a twenty-five minute wait for the train that was to take us to Sydney.

After some very hastily said goodbyes (train timetables don’t allow for protracted farewells), we boarded the XPT for our nine hour trip to Sydney.

That’s where the Slow Stitching came in – I worked on my Dutch Cap Hexies for about three and a half hours until my hands were starting to ache from the repetitive motion. I don’t have much to show for my time – the light was poor due to the pouring rain outside and the movement of the train slowed me down considerably! Nonetheless, I now have three more units to add to my ‘someday quilt’; or, as I like to call it when at quilting group meetings, my “100-year-project”!
three done on train
The final part of our journey, after arriving in the metropolitan area of Sydney, involved a bus ride (there was track maintenance happening), a twenty minute wait for a suburban train, a twenty minute train ride, and a ten minute car trip (thanks MD for picking us up at the station).

I am so glad to be home. Today is my first day of ‘alone’ time in more than two weeks. I am an introvert so ‘alone’ time is very important to me and very necessary for me to re-group and recharge!

I’m spending today doing washing (laundry), tidying my sewing room and organising my projects for the New Year (at least on ‘paper’). My sewing room became the repository for all displaced items during the time we had house guests (DD, Grandsons and Mum). I went with DD and the Grandsons when they left (WM followed the following day) so, of course, it hasn’t been touched. Then there are sheets and towels from all the guest beds to be washed plus all the dirty clothes that came home with us.

How did you spend your Sunday?

I'm linking up over at Kathy's blog on the very last Sunday of the year! Talk about late!
Slow Sunday Stitching


  1. Home...the best destination after a long trip! I know what you mean. Glad you have some good projects in the sewing room for you, that will help.

  2. Long trip, but well worth it! I used to take the train back and forth from home to go to college and would get so much studying done on the train--I can imagine it is perfect for handwork.

  3. It's good to hear you are safely back home. Travelling is seriously hard work especially at Christmas. You did well with the hand stitching on the journey. I can usually manage an hour before I give up with the movement of the train. Enjoy your 'alone' time. It is lovely to spend time with family but a little alone time is priceless.

  4. Sounds like me here too. I don't know how you managed to sew on the train. I couldn't do any on my way to Sydney

  5. Sounds like a long and tiring trip. Hopefully you've got a handle on both the laundry and the sewing room and have had a chance to get back to stitching. Have a wonderful New Year.

  6. I love to travel but it does take a lot out of me. We start our way home Saturday night and it will take me about a week to get back to normal after 2 weeks away. I have my iPad loaded with books as I can't sleep on an overnight flight. I'm needing some alone/creative time!


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