Wednesday, 31 December 2014

gifts and give-aways

Before the year closes, I’d like to show you some of the quilt-related things I have received in the last few weeks.

You may remember that, in November, I joined the linky party over at Vrooman’s Quilts called “Let’s Book It!”. This was the first time I had joined the party and, much to my surprise, I won that month’s give-away: a beautiful little quilt barn pin and a quilt charm to attach to it. So cute! Thanks so much, Sharon.

2014 quilt barn pin and charm from Sharon Vrooman

Sharon was one of the most regular followers of my now-defunct linky party, “Something Old, Something New” and her blog inspires me with quilting ideas and links to other “scrappy quilters” that it should be me sending her a gift not the other way around!

Christmas has been and gone for another year (although in my family tradition, Christmas begins on 25 December and ends on the Feast of the Epiphany, 6 January, so our lights, decorations and tree are still up. That may change this weekend!). It’s time to show you the quilt-related gifts I received (exactly when did this blog stop being primarily about knitting? LOL) :

Firstly, my mum gave me a book called Scrap Quilt Sensations by Kim Brackett.

Scrap Basket Sensations

I first saw this book on Sharon’s blog and fell in love with this quilt called “Island Chain”.

Island Chain from Scrap Basket Sensations

Sharon made hers in a very different (and prettier IMHO) colour combination. I just had to have the book so that I could make my scrappy version. I would have been happy to find one pattern that I liked; there are several so that’s a bonus. You can expect to see quilts made from patterns in this book (or at least inspired by them) over the next couple of years.

Then WM surprised me with EQ7 software – since I am an inveterate computer-user (DD says I am not a nerd but I love computers and my iPad; I have to force myself to stay away from them to do other things, even the things I love – luckily my sewing machine is also a form of computer! LOL) and like to design my own quilts, this is a perfect gift for me (when I make the time to read the 250+ pages of the manual!) I am looking forward to playing with it but first I have projects I need to bring to completion. (No, I didn’t get a design wall but I have a birthday in April – if I can wait that long!)

DD bought WM and I Lindt Lindor chocolate balls packaged in a giant Lindor shaped container. To give you some idea of scale, I have photographed it with my 4” red-work pin-cushion (made by Anorina who blogs at Samelia’s Mum – another give-away win! I love it and use it a lot, Anorina – thanks heaps! BTW, Anorina has made the pattern for this embroidery available on her blog)

2014 Lindor ball

DD also gave each of us a class from Craftsy – WM got a photography-related one, I got Art Quilting 101. I can’t show you a photo because the picture on Craftsy is a hyperlink to my class!

If you’ve never tried Craftsy and you’re into Sewing, Quilting, Knitting, Drawing, Photography, Gardening, Woodwork or Cooking (to name a few) you really should have a look. There are many free mini-classes to whet your appetite; they are always available after you enrol and Craftsy has some great sale prices at frequent intervals! They also do patterns (both free and available for purchase), kits and supplies, as well as showing projects and having their own blog. And, as a disclaimer, I am not being paid for this, I have no affiliation with Craftsy except as a very happy consumer. I have had reason to experience their customer service (I ordered a class for WM and it ended up on my classes because I pressed the wrong purchase button) and it was unbelievably fast and excellent!

We spent Christmas Day with SIL’s parents. They gave me six fat quarters of Christmas fabric – what a lovely, thoughtful present for a quilter. Thank you, J&A.

2014 Christmas fabric from J&A

Finally, a Christmas present from “Santa”; an item that has been on my Book Depository wishlist for quite some time: Connecting Quilts, Art & Textiles by M. Joan Lintault. This only arrived yesterday so I haven’t even opened it yet!


I believe in shopping locally where possible but sometimes I can get books from The Book Depository for almost half of what I would pay for them in Australia. The Book Depository has free shipping worldwide so there is a great saving to made. Plus books are delivered right to my door!

So, I’m set with quilting-related material for the New Year. (Speaking of the new year, I hope you’re all enjoying my new blog header – that view was taken from my deck! Gotta love those trees!)

Knitting? What’s that? LOL

Did you receive any books or other items related to your hobbies recently?

PS Thanks, WM, for the photos!


  1. You are going to love the Scrap Basket book. EQ is a learning curve for sure - I still haven't played with mine yet. Nothing quilting was received - a lovely family photo of my daughter's troop (all I asked for), dinner with my son, and my Bro/SIL got me new pearl earrings (mine were 'lost' during my broken hip hospital stay last winter).

  2. Now that's a chocolate!! And of course its never too hot to eat chocolate either is it : )
    That Island Chain pattern is delightful and very Gaelic in design, reminds me of the knotwork designs so often found in Celtic artworks.
    I bought myself my stitchy items, my son and daughter bought me my other stress relieving passion, different flavoured gin! lol
    Happy New Year : )

  3. Love the view! I think the island chain is going to be an amazing quilt! I will look forward to this year of crafting with you!

  4. It looks like you are ready for 2015. I think that Scrap Sensations would be a great book.

  5. Your family seems to know you really well, you got lots of great gifts. I have a copy of Scrap Basket Sensations and want to make Island Chain as well. Maybe we could do a buddy quilt along that would help keep us both on track?

    Have a very happy New Year!

  6. what great presents. I love your new look blog and the header is fabulous. i wish i had that view out my window. happy New Year Lynne.

  7. What a fabulous haul of gifties:) You will love your EQ7!! I've had my girls visiting for the last 9 days and now I feel like the energizer bunny with dead batteries. LOL. We had so much fun though. I miss themalready.

  8. nice gifts. I love that Island chain too. I do not have the book but admired Vroomans version when she made it. so many quilts, not enough time. LOL


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