Friday, 2 May 2014

Something Old, something New – May edition

Never too hot to Stitch!
I sincerely hope that this is the last time I’m going to have to say that I have achieved absolutely nothing, sewing-wise, towards my goals!

I think I’ll distract you with a few photos:
My new kitchen (installed in 2010)
    2014-05-02 kitchen  
The dining area (with a couple of late-arriving birthday cards, a quote for new window coverings and an invoice from the plumber – our ensuite toilet blocked on Day 2!)
2014-05-02 dining area
The living room (yes, there's that much space!)
2014-05-02  living room
The balcony deck looking back towards our bedroom (and the street)
2014-05-02 deck 1
The view from the end of the balcony deck
2014-05-02 pool view
and this is the view from the balcony/deck outside our bedroom! (I just love that touch of colour from the bougainvillea)
2014-05-02 from bedroom deck
Aren’t these trees magnificent? (you should see the colour in the early morning!)
2014-05-02 trees
Now, back to the topic of this post (tee-hee)

I attended two classes (of three) last month and finished one foundation pieced block (it is square, really!)
2014-05-02 foundation pieced block 32 
and pieced and cut out some shapes for two scrappy Drunkard’s Path blocks
2014-05-02 scrappy drunkards path pieces

So, I have worked towards my “Something New” goal which was to continue practising the new techniques of foundation piecing and curved piecing. They will continue to be my focus for May.
As for my “Something Old” project, strangely enough, it remains untouched. My excuse is obvious – and the seventy-nine unpacked boxes bear witness to the fact that I have not been idle (with some help from WM and friends).

I want the Country Houses quilt finished, so it remains my “Something Old” project for the coming month.

So, what about you?
How did you go in April? Did the Easter holiday help your plans or upset them?
And what are your plans for May?

Please enter the URL of your specific blog post so we can all drop by and cheer you on!
(PS Sorry I wasn’t very encouraging last month; no more excuses, I hope I’m back on top of it now!)


  1. Wow! Your new home is so full of light and beautiful! Congrats!

  2. Congrats on getting semi-settled into your new home. That's no easy feat.

    I don't have any excuse for my lack of progress. Maybe having to admit that will spur me on this month!

  3. You have a lovely new home and love the views.

  4. Thought of you moving often!!! The new house is beautiful.

  5. Your new home looks wonderful. I love all of the trees.

  6. The windows and light are just magnificent. And the view is amazing:)

  7. your house is beautiful!

  8. Your new house looks lovely. Sounds like you are very happy there. Not surprising you didn't get a lot done, moving house is very time-consuming, not to mention tiring.

  9. Lynne your new home looks very lovely! Moving is such a lot of work - I am surprised that you did any sewing or even had time to think about it!!


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