Saturday 8 February 2014

scrap happy

Wow! What a busy week I’ve had. I’ve had at least one activity every day this week, which is most unusual. Next week is also busy with church tomorrow, three activities on Monday and two on Wednesday. Thank goodness I have a free day on Tuesday and on Thursday. There’s nothing in the calendar for Friday but it’s WM’s rostered day off, so who knows? I can’t remember when I was this busy!

However, you didn’t come here to talk about my calendar! You came to read about scraps.
I have been remiss in showing you what I have acquired over the last few months.

First there was a little package from Kate (Kate's quilting blog) in the UK.
 scraps from Kate 2
Then a fellow member of Caring Hearts Community Quilters gave me this little ziplock bag of scraps – all nicely ironed and sorted by size. I have been through the bag searching for pink scraps so it’s been a bit messed up since I received it.
  scraps from Virginia
Then another member of Caring Hearts Community Quilters gave me a large grocery bag of scraps – these are not ironed or sorted so the contents of the bag are a mystery to me!
 scraps from Margaret inside
The next few are not scraps but they have been donated to me in one form or other.

Firstly, I won these two fat quarters of batik fabrics on Lyndsey's blog, Sew Many Yarns. (I’ve just embarrassed myself and found the giveaway was February 2013. Sorry Lyndsey).
fat quarter batiks from Lindsey
One of my class-mates has been de-stashing – I acquired this lovely collection of fabrics on behalf of Caring Hearts Community Quilters. We have no room left in the fabric cupboard in our meeting room so those who receive donations of stash have to store them (or use them) until such time as space become available!
  scraps from Gail
This week, our founder arrived with several boxes and bags of fabric that were left on her doorstep last weekend. My fellow quilters decided I would like to add these fabrics to my Caring Hearts Community Quilters stash – they know I like working with bright colours!
 more brights from CHCQ
Despite my busy week, I found some time for playing with scraps. I pressed and cut these 3.5" tumbler “charms”:
   2014 pink tumblers
I’m still deciding on the final layout; this is not it. Whatever I end up with, this is the first of my scraps this year to be used in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at So Scrappy blog.

Speaking of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge; I used up the last sixteen 6” crumb blocks in a panel which will be part of the backing for my “Violet and Friends” quilt.
 V&F backing panel
So, although there hasn’t been time (until now – late Saturday afternoon) to take photos or write a blog post, I have had a little time to sew. It’s amazing what returning to class after a seven-week break does for one’s enthusiasm!

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.


  1. Oh, I get excited when I have bags like that dropped off - like Christmas! I had to dig for Pinks too and they were pretty sparse - must live in area where pink is not a well loved color.

  2. Lots of fun fabrics to play with. The tumble blocks are pretty. Have fun playing with the lay out.

  3. The colors are delightful! I really like the shape of the tumbling blocks!

  4. Ooh... I love getting scraps from others! And your pink tumblers look great.

  5. I love getting scraps from people. It is so much fun going through them and making plans.

  6. Ooooh! I so love your scraps. So many colours to work with.

  7. Love your scraps. I love getting scraps from other people and going through the bag, looking for treasures.

  8. That looks like a lot of fun!


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