Friday, 31 January 2014

new quilting books

Given that Christmas was five weeks ago, I guess it's time for me to show my new books!

They are all very different and each will challenge me in different ways as I work through my "new" skills challenge for Something Old, Something New during the year.

To expand my skills in free motion quilting, I have First Steps to Free Motion Quilting by Christine Cameli, recommended by Deb at a simple life quilts. I haven't even opened the book yet, I'm waiting until it's time to add FMQ to my challenge. If I open it now, I may want to get stuck into it!

To introduce me to the techniques of trapunto, I have Shadow Trapunto Quilts by Geta Grama. I have followed Geta's blog for a few years now and the work she does in trapunto always amazes me. Again, I have not yet opened this book -- I will wait until the month comes to try this technique.
My quilting class begins next Monday after a seven-week Christmas/summer break. We are going to learn foundation (or paper) piecing and this book will help with that. I have admired the work of Mary Lou Weidman for a couple of years and this book brings my collection of her books to four. I am looking forward to trying a couple of the blocks in Out of the Box with Easy Blocks.

That reminds me, I haven't showed you another of her books that I bought from eBay. I think it was her very first book. It is called Whimsies and Whynots. I love the whole concept of a "story" quilt although they don't seem like the thing I would do for our charity quilting group due to the time and amount of work involved.

I've had Log Cabins Today in my collection for a while but I can't see that I've posted about it. Log cabin blocks are so versatile but what got my attention was the setting of the one on the cover.

What about you?
Have you added any new books to your crafting library lately?


  1. I'm trying make sure I use the books I do have sitting on the shelf. You will love 'Out of the Box' - great book. I did pick up a couple of FMQ classes on Craftsy and slowly going thru them.

  2. That's a fun selection of books. Like Sharon I have a couple of FMQ classes on Craftsy that I am working through. They are very good.

  3. some great looking books there. Foundation paper piecing is easy, it must be, can do it! You'll be fine.

  4. those books look like good reading. I am going through my books and doing a complete no buy along with fabric. I have enough books to start my own library. time to use them now or donate to local guild.

  5. Here's to a great selection of inspiration! Great reads.

  6. Funny that. I used to be a book junkie. Somewhere along the line books became a guilty pleasure.

  7. I finally made something from the book, Red Home...have had it for nearly a year too, lol! I started simple...just made the thread catcher...I believe they are addictive...people keep wanting to make more...and yes! I'm planning one now made out of 'knitting themed' fabrics to collect my scraps when i weave in ends. :-)

  8. Looks like you've got a lot of new stuff coming up based on your new volumes. I've not added anything in a while.

  9. The FMQ looks interesting. I have had to stop buying books.. I sit and look through but never end up using them.


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