Wednesday 13 November 2013

two little boys

My blog posts have been few and far between lately.

I've been busy knitting when I probably should have been stitching.

I'm still spending too much time on the computer, well, my iPad to be exact, but that's due to an increase in Bible study. I have several translations of the Bible plus my notebook on my iPad; and our church has the weekly message available on Sugarsync, YouTube and podcast so I'm able to review the message later in the week during my quiet time.

But you didn't come here to read that, did you?

You want to see the two boys mentioned in the post heading...

DD just sent this photo and I couldn't resist showing it to you. 

Gorgeous, aren't they?

Just 31 days till we see them again!


  1. Lovely. Start them early, there are things even toddlers can do. I have a similar photo of my two eldest around the same ages. They are manoeuvring big brooms to sweep the front path.

  2. Precious! Nothing like a gadget to encourage them. Nice to know what you 're up to...

  3. Glad that you are keeping as busy as those boys!

  4. Busy boys. Hope that keeps them out of trouble!

  5. They can come to my place next and clean my floor too! :) LOL
    I hope your well.
    I have to renew my knitters guild membership soon wow this year has flown past fast!


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