Thursday 7 November 2013

2013: The Year of the Finished Project -- November edition

This year is moving so fast, I can hardly keep up with it!

As most of you would know, I put all my October goals aside and have been working on blankets for the victims of terrible bushfires which swept through parts of the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, a couple of weeks ago.

Here are the goals that I set at the end of September:
  1. Scrappy Hearts quilt – I managed to finish all but the last four blocks but there was no way this quilt, which is not needed till April next year, was going to get done once the call-out for blankets and quilts for the victims of the fires went out!
  2. Country Houses quilt – all I did with this is put it on the bed, quick what I needed to do next, and fold it up again.
  3. Purple Cocoon Socks – finished 9 October
  4. Westall Cardigan – replaced with Knitted Patchwork blanket -- finished and delivered to the charity collecting for the bushfire victims; I then started working on Winmalee Blanket (being knitted in one piece) and Knitted Patchwork II which is being made from the left-over blocks from the Knitted Patchwork blanket.
  5. turn another set of blocks from the 2012 Rainbow Scrap Challenge into a flimsy -- not started! Replaced with a QAYG project from donated blocks which is still in progress.
I have not set any goals for my own projects for November. I am likely to be sewing knitted squares for most of the month. If not, I will return to my October list which will look like this:
  1. Scrappy Hearts quilt – finish enlarging blocks, make flimsy, make backing, baste, quilt and bind!
  2. Finish QAYG project -- possibly to be known as Scrappy Strings Again!
  3. Country Houses quilt – get it off the shelf and onto our bed
  4. Westall Cardigan – sleeves to be finished
  5. turn another set of blocks from the 2012 Rainbow Scrap Challenge into a flimsy
So what about you? 
Have you been busy meeting your goals or have you been distracted by other things?
What do you have planned for November?

Please link here with the URL of your specific blog post so we can all visit and see your progress.


  1. We need to be as flexible and resilient as the yarn we love! I'm so glad there is no expiration dates on yarn or fabric!!

  2. You're doing a great job. As previous comment says the yarn and fabric doesn't go out of date (which is really lucky the speed I work) so no pressure to get your goals done unless they were for something special.

  3. I agree, we need to be flexible with out goals. Sometimes things come up or happen and it drastically changes priorities. I do like the monthly goals. Seeing how much I've finished each month is really satisfying.

    Good luck with all your stitching plans for this month.

  4. I love your purple sock! Goals are long as they don't control us. They are a tool, not the end game.

  5. I love setting goals to have some structure and focus... but I have learned during the year to also be very flexible and choose to set them aside. Otherwise they become work!


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