Monday 14 October 2013

they’ve gone now

DD, SIL and the two grandsons arrived here in the evening of 4 October. DD and SIL left again at lunch time on the following day to fly to Adelaide. They were joining other members of SIL’s family (his parents and sisters) for a three day trip crossing Australia from south to north by train.

It was a long weekend here (Labour Day) so WM was home for three days. His mother, my wonderful MIL, visited on the Tuesday and stayed for several hours, so I only had one full day (Wednesday) with the boys on my own! I vacillated between calling them “darlings” and (lovingly) “the hooligan and the terrorist”!

It took Younger Grandson a little longer than Older Grandson to adjust to the routine and rules of living in Grandmum and Grandad’s house but we all survived!  DD and SIL were picked up at the local railway station at 10pm last Wednesday and the family left late on Friday morning.

We will see them again on 14th December when the extended family gathers for Christmas, a little less than nine weeks from now.

In the meantime, here are some pictures from our week.

Older Grandson washing down one of our outdoor tables so he could do some crafting

2013-10-05 OG washing the outdoor table2013-10-05 OG washing table 2

Younger Grandson playing with Mr Potato Head

2013-10-05 YG playing Potato Head 22013-10-05 YG playing Potato Head

Older Grandson playing games on the iPad and stitching with Grandmum on a warm day

 2013-10-05 OG playing iPad 2013-10-05 OG stitching with Grandmum 

Younger Grandson did some stitching too (using a tapestry needle to join knitted rectangles) but, unfortunately, WM wasn’t around to take photos.

Younger Grandson cutting mushrooms (with a butter knife) and Older Grandson preparing the pizza for cooking

2013-10-05 YG chopping mushrooms for pizza   2013-10-05 OG making ham & pineapple pizza

The boys having bath-time fun with Grandad and Younger Grandson waiting to watch some TV before bed

2013-10-06 bathtime fun with Grandad 2013-10-08 YG watching TV before bed

Two tired munchkins having an afternoon nap!

2013-10-08 OG all worn out 2013-10-08 YG all worn out 

Gotta love those boys!


  1. It's great to see young children, especially boys, being taught to cook and sew.

  2. Lovely photos Lynne, they are growing up but cute as ever .

  3. I was wondering how you were. I guess the house seems quiet now. They certainly are growing up quickly.

  4. Lovely photos of your handsome grandsons. Love your alternative description of them. It sounds like they have a lot of spirit and that's a great sign in young children.

  5. My DD told me the other day she now understood why little kids are so cute. It keeps you from being too terrible annoyed when they aren't acting cute. Looks like you had a great time with your grandsons and they had a grand time with both of you.

  6. Just too cute! So glad you got to enjoy one on one (or one on two) time with them! They are handsome young men. It is such a blessing to share a bit of their lives and make a memory!

  7. Lovely photos. I can see why you miss them.

  8. Awww - What cuties :D Great idea to let him slice mushrooms with a butter knife. Have to remember that one.

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  10. Definitely cute and growing up too quickly between visits

  11. Precious babies.....great memories too.

  12. they are such cute little boys. I know you love them so.


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