Friday 18 October 2013

fire season

The combination of a dry spring, unusually hot weather and extraordinarily strong winds brought tragedy to the Blue Mountains, just a few kilometres west of us yesterday.

Many people in the township of Springwood and the suburb of Winmalee lost their homes but, as far as we are aware, there has been no loss of life.

The photo below was taken by WM from our front yard, looking west towards the mountains. The tree is in the back yard of the house behind our neighbours across the road, maybe eighty metres away from our front door. The two major fires are in the mountains across the river; the closest one (at Winmalee) is a distance of about twelve kilometres (7.5 miles) in a straight line -- much further to drive!

Please pray for the safety of the fire-fighters (a friend of ours is one of them) and for those who have lost their homes. And please pray for no more fires -- bushfire season is October to March and there has been too much devastation already!


  1. Hoping that this is not the beginning of 5 moths of horror :-(

    Mother Nature can be a tricky one so I hope people remember that possessions are less important than life.

  2. Totally devastating the scenes we are seeing on TV, hard to believe we down here in Vic had the fireplace going lady night. Stay safe my friend.

  3. Stay safe, those fires sound like they are really close.

  4. So sad and scary! Praying the worse is over!

  5. Fire season is always such a worry.

  6. Abba, be there. Protect these people. Encourage them through the terror and devastation. Remind them that you have things under control. You have a good plan for their benefit......remind us all. Amen.

    Love you!

  7. Oh, gosh! This is just so scary. We were in your same situation in June. I'll be holding your firefighters and homeowners in my heart and prayers. Be safe!

  8. I saw this story on our news station. I pray you,your loved ones, firefighters and friends will stay safe.


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