Wednesday, 1 May 2013

a follow up to my post about replying to comments

Happy May Day!

2012-05-26 grandad's little helper #4

No, the photo’s not relevant to anything but it was taken in May last year when Older Grandson was a a little over two – he doesn’t look like that anymore; he’s lost that chubby baby look and is a proper boy (albeit a pre-schooler) now!

For we Australians it's the beginning of the last month of winter but the weather here in Sydney is still gorgeous -- a great day to be outside!

So why am I still inside?

I have been catching up with (86) blogs, leaving comments and answering emails (including comments).

Didn't my last post about responding to comments left on blogs open a great conversation?

So, I have found a time consuming way of keep this particular conversation going. I may not do it for all blog posts but for this one it seemed like a good idea!

Firstly, I have written fairly lengthy replies to some of the poeple who left comments on my blog regarding the last post. Why only some of them? Because I can only type about 45 words per minute and I've been in front of this computer on-and-off for almost six hours (lucky I'm retired) so I haven't replied to everyone yet -- but I will!

Then I cut and pasted the relevant part of my reply to my own blog as a direct reply to the comments! So now the conversation can be followed by those who so desire -- you're welcome to add further comments if you have time to go back and read all the comments and replies there.  Just give me another twenty-four hours or so to go back and finish my replies!

Personally, if I was one of my followers, I don't have time to read all the comments and replies and I rarely of back anyway so this may be a total waste of my time. But let's see how it goes (as a social experiment)!

Tomorrow's post will be on a whole other topic -- the linky party for 2013: The Year of The Finished Project. Are you getting your UFOs done?


  1. Happy May Day. I'm looking forward to seeing how your experiment works out.

    1. So far it appears that I'm just making extra work for myself! LOL

  2. Those curls on Older Grandson are so adorable! They grow up so fast... I'm off to read your other post.

    1. Those curls were (unfortunately) cut off late last year. He now has thick hair but if it gets over-long it starts to curl again. His little brother has dead straight hair! Funny, isn't it?

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you -- he was so cute and I adored his curls which are now gone!

  4. That is a great photo. I still remember my daughters looking like that and they are adults now.

    1. Yes, I remember Older Grandson's mum, my DD, looking like that too! Doesn't seem that long ago, does it?

  5. May Day is my anniversary and this year it was a very different day-I, too, focused on a grandson and then took DH to drs for a re-evaluation of feet and it sure was a necessary if hectic time!


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