Friday, 12 April 2013

twenty seven years ago today

This little ray of sunshine came into our lives making our family complete – just the three of us.
taken when she was thirteen days old
Tomorrow she joins her family (husband and two sons, aged three and twenty-one months) in their new home town after spending ten days here without them packing, sorting and fixing.
2012-06-26 Susan
a candid shot taken with my iPad hence the grainy photo
I love you, DD, and I’m sure gonna miss you! xx


  1. Happy Birthday to DD! Hopefully you'll get to visit often.

  2. She was a beautiful baby, and is sure a beauty, now. Oh,it's hard having them grow up... If only we'd known then how quickly time goes by. You did good,mama Lynn!. Happy "birth" day to you, too

    big will get better and easier and even more special..hang in there.

  3. sweet. Happy Birthday DD!

  4. Wow, did that blink of the eye happen too quickly or what?! You have a great relationship with your daughter and that is a blessing beyond words. You will weather this 'adjustment', too, and learn to be grateful for the internet and cell phones! Hugs for the day! (to both you and your lovely, daughter!)

  5. Time does fly doesn't it. Is your next visit planned?

  6. Happy birthday to your sweet girl.

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter. My daughter is 27 also.

  8. Happy birthday DD! And see you soon (from your mom).

  9. They just grow way too fast!!!


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