Saturday 13 April 2013

a last minute finish

After all the trauma of remodelling my quilt (and getting it wrong), it is finally finished.

I wanted to have it finished when I hosted “Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday” two weeks ago, but family circumstances and ill health (an upper respiratory tract infection)  got in the way.

I attached the binding and sewed it down on Wednesday. It didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would – I allowed six hours for the hand-stitching, it took four and a half!

So, may I present Scrappy Strings, which measures 57” x 68” (the size our group aims for is around 56” x 64” so I’m not too far out!)-- a last minute finish because it was done on Wednesday for submission to the Airing of the Quilts this weekend, the quilts were needed at the museum by Thursday.
Taking photos in direct sunlight is not really good; the breeze shifts the quilt and creates shadows as well as washing out the colour. But no one was home so I had to peg it to my washing line and, although I’ve made some adjustments in the editing process, it’s still not a great photo!

Here’s a close up of my choice of binding – I was going to use some more of the backing fabric but I thought the quilt needed something bright to lift it. If you look closely, you’ll see that this fabric is also in two of the quilt blocks.
binding detail
In these two photos you can see my quilting: in the ditch around the sashing and then a simple horizontal and vertical line through each block. Not quilting through the sashing meant dozens of ends to sew in! (Hey look, there’s the binding fabric in that block! LOL)
quilting detail backquilting detail front
And now my favourite view – I just love the back!
finished back
Inserting a panel to make the backing fabric wider has been a signature on quite a few of my quilts!
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  1. Lovely! You are cruising along with your quilting skills:)

  2. Fantastic! You did a great job and made the deadline! It turned out beautifully!

  3. Congrats on the finish! It looks beautiful, front and back! Enjoy the show this weekend.

  4. Great quilt! I love the back too!

  5. Yay for a great finish! Great choice on binding, Lynne!

  6. Very nice finish! I like to use a panel on backs too, I think it adds so much.

  7. Gorgeous! I love what you did with the back too.

  8. Great work. The first one reminds me of book shelves. Do you give names to your quilts?

  9. Yay!! I love string quilts. This one is lovely with its rich colors and that marvelous pieced back. Makes it completely reversible!

  10. A lovely quilt. Great work.

  11. well done. I love stripe binding.

  12. It turned out great!! I like the idea of the TGIFF LOL

  13. It looks great, I think the stripey binding is the perfect finishing touch.

  14. It's wonderful! Well done!!


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