Tuesday 23 April 2013

Family news

My niece, my sister's eldest child, gave birth to a daughter, Emily Jane, at 3:17am on Tuesday April 23. She weighed a healthy 7lb 3oz. Emily is my sister's first grandchild (which might explain the excited pre-dawn phone call I got!) and my mother's first great-grand-daughter.

Coincidentally, Australia's population is set to hit 23 million today too, so my niece, her partner and my little great-niece were on the local news tonight. I don't know how long the hyperlink will remain active -- news isn't current for very long!

In a further coincidence, today is also the second anniversary of my father-in-law's death.

Max and Ben 2
Pa with Older Grandson (then aged six months)

We miss you, dad!


  1. Congratulations on a new little one in the family.

  2. Congratulations!!! Today, April 23 is my 36 wedding anniversary as well:-) Always a blessing to have something wonderful happen on a special day. Enjoy your new arrival!


  3. Aw, congratulations!! Baby quilt in the making?
    Those we truly love never leave us. :)

  4. *those who we love never truly leave us

  5. What happy news. Congratulations.

  6. Congratulations! And how fun to have them on the news :)

  7. Congratulations on the new addition to the extended family!


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