Tuesday 12 March 2013

this made me cry

My friend Susan, who blogs at Susan in Stitches, posted a video on her blog recently.

It made me cry it was so beautiful. I know I'm sad at the moment and likely to cry easily but when I looked at the comments on Susan's blog post, I saw that everyone had had the same reaction!

Please it check out here - it's a great feel-good story!


  1. Thanks for sharing that video. What a great story. If only more people were like that everyday. Such small gestures mean so much to folks with disabilities.

  2. I'm sittin' here bawling like a baby! AND I LIVE IN TEXAS! THANK YOU for making sharing that video! It wasn't reported locally, but, gosh darn it, it should be reported GLOBALLY, and we should ALL strive to raise kids like that! Hooray for them ALL.

  3. I've been crying at absolutely anything and everything, lately. I don't know if I dare watch the video but I shall. Big hug to you, dear friend. I'd tell you that Spring is coming but our spring is not your spring but maybe it still works that way anyhow. Loves to you!!!!

  4. I have looked at that video before . It is nice to see good things. I liked your labels for this post , the not related to anything crafty ones.

  5. Add me to the list of readers with tears streaming down her face. What a wonderful story.


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