Friday 22 March 2013

Black Stump Creek quilt finished

I finished this quilt three weeks ago but had forgotten to take photos so that I could post about it!

This is the quilt that I had concerns about whether I had pulled the top tight enough when basting. My teacher told me it was fine and to “get it done”!

So here is Black Stump Creek quilt.
2013 Black Stump Creek finished
Why the name? If you look closely at the four corners in the border, you’ll see why.

Can’t see it? Do these photos help?
2013 Black Stump Creek detail 22013 Black Stump Creek detail 1
Each of the corners shows a different view of old Australian houses for common folk. “The Black Stump” is an Australian saying meaning a long way out, remote. You can read more about it on Wikipedia if you’re interested.

I’ll show you the back of the quilt but it’s not that exciting although I do love the way the pattern looks so different from a distance.
2013 Black Stump Creek back
The fabric, which I bought on clearance, is “Fireworks” from the Colourblast range sold at Spotlight (Australia).

Blue dye came out of this quilt when I was sewing the binding on.
sewing machine bed
At first I blamed the backing but afterwards realised it was probably the binding fabric that was at fault.

So I have yet to wash this baby – I need to remember to buy colour catchers when I am next in the supermarket.

The good news is WM was able to clean my machine (with methylated spirits) and now it looks as good as new!

Which leads me into my trick question: can you work out what this is?
2013 guess what this is
Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you!

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Speaking of which, I'll be hosting Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday here next week -- be sure to come back then to see another finish in March!


  1. Great quilt. My guess on the goo is dirty oil...or coffee

  2. The methylated spirits he used in a bowl after he had cleaned up the dye on machine?

    Hope things are starting to settle for you. I'm sure it's still hard.

  3. It looks like a deep hole to me!! I wonder how that blue will wash if it left a mark on the machine.

  4. What a great quilt. I love all the colors.

  5. The blue dye from cleaning the machine in a bucket with a reflection of the water spout and blind above it.

    The quilt looks very good, how did it go with the quilting? Did it all sit flat after all?

  6. Gosh this is stunning. I hope you are finding much solace in creativity. These hand crafted things are great repositories of love.

  7. I think Leonie answered correctly! Lovely quilt :)

  8. Congratulations on a great finish! Wow, I have never heard of dye rubbing off on a machine. I'd be a bit nervous about washing it too! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  9. Love the quilt. It is a great finish.
    That's not all the blue dye from your sewing machine is it?

  10. Great quilt, and great finish!
    Very neat corner fabric...just a special touch for this down under quilt.
    And you sound so much better, so I know you are carrying on well.

  11. Finished is great-it turned out beautifully. I would hurry and get it in the washer/dryer and see what I have to deal with. Well, the color grab is probably a better idea! Glad you machine cleaned up okay, too.

  12. The quilt turned out lovely. The corner blocks are great.

  13. Your quilt looks great - love your use of white in it !

  14. Very pretty! Love the cornerstones!


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