Saturday, 9 February 2013

I've been Liebstered!

Two followers of my blog, Chris (Shared Creativity) and Janet (Caribou Crossing Chronicles), have nominated me for the Liebster award. I am deeply honoured.

As part of the award, I have to answer 11 questions posed by the nominators.

Here are Chris's questions with my answers.

1. How did you start crafting?
As a child I was given many gifts of crafting activities -- embroidery cards, weaving, French knitting, basket making, flower making, pattern games, etc so I guess crafting has always been part of my life. As an adult I have had different phases of crafting, including folk art, decoupage, scrap booking, cross stitch, wool embroidery and dressmaking, but knitting has been there almost all my life. A little about my sewing history can be found in this post and the story of how I came to quilting can be read in this post.My knitting history can be found in my very first post (which I found to be an interesting read -- my how things have changed!)

2. What is your favourite hobby?
Only one? You're kidding! I'd have to say knitting if I could have only one! Or would it be reading?
My own design in 63 different yarns!

3. When is your favourite time to quilt/knit/sew/whatever?
I prefer to sew during the day and I knit anytime but usually at night while watching television with my husband or listening to audiobooks or podcasts after he's gone to bed!

4. Do you mostly use a machine or work by hand?
I make quilts by machine, I knit by hand.

5. If you could get on a plane right now with no financial limitations and no strings attached, where would you go?
UK and Ireland -- to walk in the steps of my ancestors in England, Scotland and Ireland. I'd have to visit Wales too - my mother was evacuated there during WWII. I might wait till the weather warms up a little though (if you don't mind!)

6. Do the seasons affect your fabric selection?
No! I work mostly with the fabrics/scraps donated to our quilting group!

7. What is your favorite book, ever?
Seriously? One? Right now it's A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens!

8. What is your favorite comfort food?
Chocolate - preferably Lindor! In times of stress I'll eat milk chocolate --- but never white chocolate which, as we all know, isn't really chocolate at all!

9. What inspires your creativity?
Other people's creativity!

10. Do you plan projects or start them on impulse?
A little bit of both!

11. How many projects do you hope to complete this year?
Twenty-four sewing related, at least that many knitting related!

And the questions from Janet:

1. Who is your favourite author?
Jane Austen. Of modern writers, Kate Morton.

2. If you won the lottery, the first thing you would do?
Question the bearer of the news. I don't buy lottery tickets!

3. Share a childhood memory
Silence at the dinner table while dad listened to the 6:30 news! I was shocked when I went to WM's place the first time, eight people at the table (excluding me) and everyone seemed to be talking at once!

4. Live concert you would like to attend
André Rieu -- it would make my husband so happy!

5. Dream vacation:
An around-the-world-trip (by plane) staying in nice hotels, visiting all the places I've read about and some of my blogging friends as well!

6. Where would you like to live:
On the Australian east coast where I can see the ocean! I have my dream house all planned out!

7. Favourite pet
I have lived with cats most of my life. I can easily live without pets but I can't bear animal cruelty of any kind! When I was a primary school teacher, 10year old boys pulling the wings off flies made me angry!
our current "master" -- Tomodachi (Japanese for "friend")
 8. Favourite ice cream
Chocolate with chocolate chips!
Would you believe there was a time when I didn't eat chocolate?No, I didn't say I didn't like it, just that I didn't eat it! It was believed to be the cause of migraines but it turned out not to be so!

9. What famous person/fictional character would you like to get to know?

10. What would you like your biographer to say about you?
That I am/was loyal, generous and creative.

11. What was your first car?
A 1963 Ford Cortina that I bought for $200 and sold eighteen months later for $200!

Come back tomorrow for the second part of this award!

Thanks Chris and Janet for nominating me!


  1. Very interesting to read about you and Congratulations on the award!

    I especially like the dream vacation plans......I WILL be one of those stops!

  2. Gosh! Your answers to question 1,2 and 3 sound suspiciously like me!! lol. Congratulations on your award.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. How fun! Thanks for sharing something of yourself.

  4. Congradulations on your award. :)

    I have done my link for the year of the finished project. Sorry for being a few days late. I have No 4 baby on the way I get so tired in the evenings and I was having troubles with Mr Linky with my baby brain so I gave up and got some sleep. So Im handing my home work in late. ;)


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