Tuesday, 8 January 2013

they're off to Geelong again

My seventeen-year-old nephew has qualified for the NSW Country under-eighteen baseball team again this year. He is the only representative from Tamworth baseball's four teams to have made the under-eighteen squad. Another player from the same club has qualified for the under-sixteen squad.

On Thursday, he and my sister are off to Geelong in Victoria for the National Championships.

photo taken from the Facebook site of the Cougars Baseball Club, Tamworth, NSW

He's a pitcher; one of the top two of the nine on the team.

We are very proud of you and wish you luck, N.

Go Country NSW!


  1. Wonderful! So glad for the honor to the whole family!

  2. I treasure my son's baseball years... Long gone now. I hope my grandsons & daughters play. Now i can bring along my knitting or hexi's to handpiece! Congrats to your nephew. I agree, quite an acheivement!

  3. Congratulations to your nephew! Hope his team has very good luck in the championships.


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