Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New FO Challenge - January

Barbara at Cat Patches is having a linky party for New Projects.


It's simple, all you have to do is start one new quilt project (of any size).

Sometimes, my DD and grandsons come to visit me for lunch. We don't need to use a tablecloth to cover the whole table when there are so few of us, a small tablecloth on one end of the table is fine for DD and I. But the boys need extra large placemats. Well, Older Grandson does, because he sits at the table. Younger Grandson is still in his high chair; he hasn't yet understood the value of leaving food on the plate or the plate on the table! He still thinks the floor is the best place for these things!

I bought this fabric sometime in 2012. I didn't blog about it (very unusual) and have long since thrown away the shopping docket so I'm not sure how long ago that was.
2012 monkeys for placemats
Older Grandson loves monkeys so the fabric on the right will be great but the fabric on  the left is a bit babyish. I guess it will be all right for backing fabric -- and a little bit of "I Spy" fun. Of course, I'll have to make two because one day soon, YG will be ready to share the table too!

A simple project that should be easily finished -- but first I have to honour my commitment to finish two old projects before starting a new one!


  1. Seems like a reasonable, doable project when you are focused on finishing up your UFOs.

  2. Love those monkeys. Should be fun to make up.

  3. The placemats will be a quick and satisfying project to kick off the new year.

  4. I daren't sign up to any challenges at this point as I struggle to find time to blog at the best of times, and I'd only add to my already lengthy to do list! Best of luck with yours though.

    I'd not come across http://catpatches.blogspot.com/ before but I've added it to another lengthy list of RSS feeds to follow; thanks for sharing.


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