Sunday 18 November 2012

brought to you by the colour brown

Brown was the colour of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at SoScrappy blog.

I didn’t make any blocks in October so have been playing catch up.

I had enough scraps to make these 6.5” blocks:

two four patch
2012 brown four patch
one nine patch
2012 brown nine patch
four strings
2012 brown strings
and thirteen improv.
2012 brown improv
I have more than enough improv blocks to make a quilt and have a layout in mind. I just have to decide on the sashing colour – it will be a neutral solid or semi-solid. Perhaps white? Black? Cream?
I’ll let you know how I get on!

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.


  1. great work, all those scraps go very nicely together :)

  2. Very nice blocks. Are you going to do some black ones for this month?

  3. Love the improv blocks. Your'e inspiring me now to dive into the scrap bag and do some myself!

  4. If I found it, I would say that I love the brown blocks you have created-a wonderful rest for the eyes!

  5. Nice work up of those brown scraps :)
    I looking forward to seeing this quilt come together.

  6. What a fun collection of browns. It will be fun to see how they all come together.

  7. ooh you're making me itch to get my machine out and start sewing blocks! Have had a few weeks away from it!

  8. I like your improv blocks! I reckon cream sashing, or even a really dark brown? Will be interested to see what you decide on!


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