Saturday 7 July 2012

on and off the needles

Last month I didn’t do much sewing but I definitely knitted!

a black beanie ( no photos – sorry)

a cowl which I designed on a train while taking my mother to Strathfield to meet her country train – it’s hard to see but it has a textured zigzag pattern
2012 Strathfield Cowl modelled2012 Strathfield cowl flat
a blanket for a local animal shelter (approximately one metre – 40 inches – “square”) – unblocked because I don’t think animals care!
2012 Patons Cedar Blankie
a pair of socks for mum (Baby Mock Cable - which look so much better than this photo shows)
2012 mum's baby cable rib socks detail
a pair of “plain vanilla” socks for me (Patonyle, purchased 2008)
2012 soft blue socks
four sample socks for the workshop I gave on 16th June
2012 socks from the toe up workshop samples
a single repeat on these socks (pattern: Ribbed Ribbon Socks from “Socks from the Toe Up” by Wendy D Johnson)
2011 Purple Cocoon Ribbed Ribbon socks side detail
and 40 rows (8,000 stitches) on this blanket (not 80 rows - 16,000 stitches as stated on my progress report – I counted the ridges and doubled twice but some thing told me that couldn’t be right!). I have added another 26 rows (5,200 stitches) to that this week.
2012 intarsia blanket 6 July
And to think I nearly frogged it when I was just past that pink stripe!

I frogged this blanket (which wasn’t working for me).
On Thursday night I cast on and knitted twelve repeats of Wendy D. Johnson’s Lacy Rib pattern on a bed sock for DD.
2012 DD bed socks II
I think there are two problems:
1) the toe shaping isn’t quite right for DD’s narrow feet and there are too many stocking stitch rows before the pattern begins
2) I’m knitting DK weight on 2.75mm (US 2) needles; I think the fabric is too tight for bed socks and I need to go up to 3.25mm needles (which DD has and therefore I couldn’t use them in the first place)

What do you think?


  1. Well that is a LOT of knitting!

    I think the socks are probably not working either, for the reasons you mentioned. Pretty pattern though.

  2. I agree about both toes and stocking stitch. If daughter has narrow foot, perhaps you could do the usual grafted toe with sloping sides and grafting. Or it's not the grafting I'm really thinking of but the shape that method produces. If you really want to do toe up, then you would need to reverse the method. I'd certainly cut down the number of stocking stitch rows before the start of the pattern. I suppose who really sees what the pattern is like when sock is in shoe, but that does seem odd. I think it would bother me, knowing it was like that.

  3. Oh my goodness, you have gotten SO much done! Congratulations. Sorry to hear about the frogging, but it is better than putting more time into something you don't love.

  4. I think you have been very busy.

  5. LOVE the knitted blankets. Wow. That's a lot of work. A labor of LOVE.


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