Friday 29 June 2012

too much fun!

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you would know that the computer is my biggest “time-waster”.

Well it was until last Friday, when WM came home with this for me:
2012-06-22 new iPad
It’s an iPad 3, 16GB. I love it!

My poor desktop computer will probably wonder where I have gone. I use the iPad to read your blogs, write comments, search the ’Net, look around Ravelry, and as an e-reader for the books from the public library which I can’t read on my Kindle. I did, however, type this post on my PC (using Windows Live Writer which I can heartily recommend if you haven’t tried it).

I may not go missing from the blogisphere but my sewing machine and knitting needles might wonder what’s happened to me – at least till the novelty wears off!


  1. Aren't5 you a lucky girl! I love my Kindle but I also love the iPad. I find it wonderful for knitting patterns and especially for lace charts as the size is easily adjustable and the screen is very clear. It deals with charts perfectly while Kindle and charts aren't always compatible.

    Download Evernote, a basically free program which is great for many uses. When I download a pattern from the net, I drop it into Evernote on iPad. If you use Cloud technology set up, it will transfer to iPad automatically.

    Get yourself a stand for the iPad and it will sit there in front of the knitting with lovely clear charts so easy to follow.

    Stands are available from a lot of shops. A stylus with a rubber tip is also handy but not essential. It does however make typing from iPad very much easier than fingers and helps keep screen clear. Belkin sell a pack from Dick Smiths for about $30 which has stand, stylus and a cover for back of iPad.

  2. Here's picture of iPad and stand complete with pattern on iPad. Picture

    I really enjoy using it with my knitting, just have to make sure I keep it charged.

  3. Congratulations on your new toy - that is, new TOOL!

  4. I was just thinking today, that it would be so great if I could sit in a nice café and read the new posts from there, cause finally summer decided to show up! Enjoy!

  5. You must have been a very good girl! Great new toy, so have fun.

  6. Awesome! It is my favorite tool. I didn't think I would have any use for one, but I haven't gone a day without using it since I got it.

  7. Have fun! It's nice to be able to take it with you.

  8. I love my iPad! I use GoodReader for PDFs - it is fantastic - espeviallyvas you can annotate the documents. I haven't printed a pattern since I got my iPad over a year ago!

  9. So happy for you-having been without any connections for more than a week, I can relate to the frustrations associated with the big WWW !

  10. Yahoooooo. What a great hubby. Are you loving it. Check out Feedly. It's an app you can read blogs through and it syncs with your google reader. Totally terrific.


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